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Benefits of massage                                    About me

      Massage is beneficial for people of all ages and can,

along with a healthy lifestyle, lead to a healthier longer life.

      By adding massage to your routine, you can experience a greater sense of well being on many different levels.  Massage helps your body to maintain a healthy physiological and chemical balance. An added benefit for many, is a emotional and/or spiritual awareness.

      Many health issues today are stress-related. Stress suppresses the immune system and sends the nervous system into an alarmed state. Massage can alleviate these pressures and can calm the nervous system. 

       Another major benefit of massage is increased circulation and joint flexibility. This has been shown to improve the mind-muscle link and therefore increase an individual's fine and gross motor skills.   

      Massage has long been a health maintenance of our Olympic althetes, prima ballerinas, equestrian riders and our family pets.


      Patricia is a private, onsite massage therapist practicing on the Main Line since 1995. In her practice she has worked with auto accident victims, stroke victims, children with ADHD, athletes, people with scholiosis, cancer patients, and people suffering from neurological damage.

      She has collaborated with a neurologist, chiropractors, physical therapists, and acupuncturists. 

      Patricia holds a degree in Natural Science and received her massage therapy training at The Humanities School of Massage. She is a licensed massage therapist in both Florida and Pennsylvania.



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Pinellas School of Massage 1994

Private onsite therapist for the eastern main line since 1995

"She is by far the best massage therapist i have ever used. her hands are magical."


Downingtown, Pennsylvania