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*Sessions in-home or in studio

*Male and Female clients 

*Flexible hours

Sports Therapy

Deep tissue techniques focusing on the tendons and ligaments of the body, therefore enabling for optimal mobility of the joints. Aids in preventing injury and enhancing performance. 

This treatment is beneficial in preparation for an event or after to alleviate pain and stiffness.

Deep Tissue

Optimal technique 

to maintain homeostasis:

This technique stimulates the deeper layers of the muscular structure, enhances flexibility, enables the body to maintain a healthy chemical balance by oxygenating the blood and decreasing toxins.

It can be used to treat specific conditions, i.e. lower back, neck/shoulder, muscle sprains, etc.


A pre or post natal massage focuses on the muscular tension associated with pregnancy and aids in balancing the body's natural chemicals. Specific techniques can be added to aid in lactation.

*Full 30, 60, or 90 minute sessions

*Gift Certificates


*Prices available upon request. I am dedicated to making massage affordable to people of all walks of life and financial situations.‚Äč


This treatment focuses on the needs of the aging client. It helps with joint flexibility, reduces body stiffness, aids in balance, and provides an overall sense of